hipecs PLC1000 CODESYS PLC

The new generation of hipecs controlers offers high performance PLC systems in a compact design. It offers a powerful CODESYS PLC, a CANopen master or slave and a serial interface graphics (SGI) to visualize your processes on a frenzel + berg VISU panel. As a significant change to the previous systems, the hipecs now offers USB ports, a file system with the ability to expand via SD-Card and an Ethernet interface for integration into networks. The internal webserver provides a platform for individual web visualizations. The email client can send free programmable emails automatically and the FTP server provides access to the PLCs filesystem.

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  • Infineon XE169 16-Bit CPU
  • 2000 operations / ms
  • internal file system
  • 3 MByte program memory
  • 1 Mbyte data memory
  • SD-Card up to 4 GByte
  • 4 kByte Retain-Speicher
  • RTC
  • operating voltage 24 Volt
  • WAGO type 713 - connectors
  • temperature range 0..55°C
  • plastic housing for DIN-rail mounting 108x125x60mm (incl connector)

digital inputs

  • 16 inputs 24 Volt (12V on request)
  • reverse polarity protected
  • input frequency range 0 .. 100 kHz
  • status-LEDs for status indication
  • special function: 6 interrupts, 3 encoder channels, 1 event counter

digital outputs

  • 16 outputs (24 Volt)
  • output current @ 25°C: 8x0,5 A / 8x0,1 A permanently
  • peak output current: 8x1,5 A / 8x0,35 A (<1,5 sec)
  • voltage switching and short circuit protected
  • status-LEDs for status indication
  • special functions: stepper motor and PWM

analog inputs

  • 2 analog voltage inputs 0..10,5 Volt
  • 10 bit resolution
  • reverse polarity protected

analog outputs

  • 2 analog voltage outputs 0..10 Volt
  • 10 bit resolution
  • max. 5 mA output current
  • short circuit protected
  • 1 reference voltage output 10 Volt


  • 2 CAN busses accrding to ISO11898
  • galvanic separation
  • baudrate up to 1 MBit
  • nodenumber 0..127
  • CANopen Draft Standard DS301 V4, DSP302 V3.0, DS401 V2.1 und DSP405 V2.0
  • 250 transmit/receive PDO (master mode)
    16 transmit/receive PDO (slave mode)
  • dynamic PDO mapping
  • variable PDO identifier
  • emergency
  • nodeguarding / life guarding / heartbeat / sync
  • client SDO transfer


  • 1x USB programing and debug interface
  • 1x USB channel for direct access to the file system shell via PC
  • 2x RS232, 1x RS422/485
  • 1x Ethernet: email client (SMTP), FTP server, webserver, TCP/UPD socket communication (CODESYS library)


datasheet for CODESYS libraries

tutorials for firmware update and more

EDS file for slave mode
USB-driver for windows
MODBUS-demo and libraries
example system.ini file


ordering information

  article numberarticle nameethernetUSB interfacehousingPT100/
EZ00000.1810.00hipecs PLC1010no1plasticno
EZ00000.1820.00hipecs PLC1020yes1plasticno
EZ00000.1830.00hipecs PLC1030yes2plasticon
EZ00000.1910.01hipecs PLC1210no1plasticyes
EZ00000.1920.01hipecs PLC1220yes1plasticyes
EZ00000.1930.01hipecs PLC1230yes2plasticyes



Newsblog for hipecs PLC

11.02.2013: New versions PLC1210i, PLC1220i, and PLC1230i with up to 6 PT100/PT1000 channels available. Datasheet updatet.

26.10.2012: New targets online. Library FBE_SYSIO updated. Analog and digital IOs can be updated during PLC cycle.

15.02.2012: New datasheet revision 10. Description for file system and command shell added.

01.02.2012: New targets version v006. Absolut position for stepper motor changed and outputs while debugging changed.

30.01.2012: New datasheet revision 9. DIP switch description and FTP login added.

13.12.2011: New datasheet revision 8.

10.11.2011: New datasheet for CoDeSys libraries online now

11.10.2011: New firmware v1.155

13.09.2011: New tragets v003. Problem with download of visu files solved.

07.08.2011: New firmware 1.122

09.08.2011: New datasheet revision 6. New pics, IO rework and ordering information added.

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