CODESYS programming system

The CODESYS V2.3 programming system is one of the leading developement tools for programmable logic controller (PLC) and visualisation. CODESYS is used by more than 200 manufacturers of hardware components and automation devices, like frenzel & berg electronic. CODESYS is one of the most powerful programming tools for the IEC61131 under MS Windows. All 5 programming languages according to this standard are supported. Further more CODESYS offers an additional graphical language called Continous Function Chart (CFC). Functions like 'autodeclare', 'autoformat' and a context sensitive input assistance greatly simplify the use of CODESYS. All functions are accessible by use of the keyboard. What additionally ensures fast and efficient work is the exceptionally low number of resources CODESYS requires.

The data of a controller programmed with CODESYS can easily be visualised without the need of an additional tool. The programming system itself contains an integrated visualization editor and while programming the application the user can develop visualization masks in one and the same user interface. The visualisation integrated in CODESYS does not require a tag list and can directly access the controller variables. Communication with the controller takes place via the same mechanisms which are used for programming. An additional tool for service and diagnostic purposes or for testing the visualization masks directly in connection with the PLC is not needed. Due to the online linkage of CODESYS with the controller the masks are immediately displayed within the programming system. For all of its devices, frenzel & berg electronic provides many hardwarespecific software libraries, reducing the programming effort drastically.


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