EASY 2606

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The EASY2606 is a powerful and universal compact control in 24V technology. In addition to the PLC runtime system and CANopen functionality the CODESYS Visualization is supported. The module is not only suitable for measurement and control tasks, it allows in particular the realisation of a operator control with an attractive graphical interfaces. The control of the remote visualization is done via a Serial Graphic Interface (SGI), which is connected to a control panel of the VISU-Pxxx series.
The system is  suited for building control systems and for applications that require a responsive graphical user interface.
The programming of the visualization is done together with the development of process control and configuration of the CANopen network using the CODESYS development environment.
The module is the ideal platform to realize your own controls with CODESYS visualization.
Typical applications for example are machinery and equipment control, measurement and test facilities, industrial plants and building automation.


  • CPU 16 Bit Infineon C167
  • 2 MByte program memory
  • 512 kByte data memory + 16kByte EEPROM
  • optional 128 kByte timekeeper or NV-RAM
  • 2000 operations / ms
  • supply voltage 18..34V DC (typ. 24V DC)
  • pluggable screw-type terminal for cable cross-section 0,08..2,5mm
  • temperature range 0..70°C
  • aluminium housing DIN-rail mounting 209x105x60 mm (LxBxH)
  • plastic housing for DIN-rail mounting also available

digital inputs

  • 16 digital inputs (24V)
  • 8 of them can be used as interrupts
  • 1kHz input frequency range
  • status LEDs for status indication

analog inputs

  • 8 analog voltage or current inputs
  • input range -10..+10 Volt, 0..20mA, 4..20mA
  • 12 Bit resolution
  • galvanic separation

digital outputs

  • 16 digital outputs voltage switching ( 2 output bytes)
  • output current @25°C 1,5 A
  • max. output current per byte/group: 8 A
  • peak output current 3A (max. 1s)
  • short-circuit proof
  • stauts LEDs for status indication

analog outputs

  • 4 analog voltage or current outputs
  • output voltage range -10..+10 Volt, 0..20 mA, 4..20 mA
  • 12 bit resolution


  • 1 CAN-Bus according to ISO11898
  • baudrate up to 1 Mbit
  • CAN node number 0..127
  • CANopen Draft Standard DS301 V4.0, DSP302 V2.0, DSP405 V2.0, DS401 V2.1
  • PDO-event and PDO-inhibit timer
  • PDO-transmission mode event triggered, synchron,
    asynchron, cyclic, anti cyclic, remote frame
  • variable PDO identifier
  • dynamic PDO mapping
  • emergency
  • nodeguarding/lifeguarding/heartbeat


  • serial interfaces: 1x RS232, 2x RS232/RS485


datasheet (english)

description for CODESYS libraries


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