hipecs CORE10 embedded PLC

frenzel + berg hipces CORE10 embedded PLC Core Modul with CANopen master and ethernet.

The hipecs CORE10 embedded PLC module is a modern and powerful CODESYS PLC to plug on. The PLC kernel offers a powerful CANopen Master, a webserver, an ethernet interface, SD card reader and serial interfaces. In addition to that, the modules has several build in CODESYS librarys for special functions like encoder, stepper motor control, interupts, PWM and other.

The hipecs CORE10 provides a powerful and flexible platform to create your own OEM control solution. The integrated webserver offers the possibility to program customized web visualisation and email transmission. By using the ethernet interface, the integration into a network via TCP/IP or UDP is possible.

In combination with our CANopen chips, I/O and peripherals can be extended to a complete modular system to realize your own controlling system.


  • CPU 16 Bit (Infineon XE169)
  • 2000 operations/ms
  • internal filesystem
  • 3 MByte program memory
  • 1 MByte data memory
  • SD card up to 4 GByte
  • 4 kB retain memory
  • RTC
  • supply voltage 3,3V DC
  • plug-in module with FCI connectors
  • temperature range 0 .. 70°C
  • dimensions 64 x 56 x 16 mm

digital inputs

  • 16 digital inputs (3,3V)
  • input frequency range up to 1 MHz
  • special functions: 4 Encoder (track A+B) or event counter, 8 interrups

analog inputs

  • 2 analog voltage inputs 0..+3,3V
  • 10 bit resolution

digital outputs

  • 16 digital outputs (3,3V) in CMOS-logic
  • special functions: PWM, frequency/pulse output, 4 channels for stepper motor

analog outputs

  • 2 PWM outputs @2,5kHz


  • 1x USB programing and debug interface
  • 1x USB channel for direct access to the file system shell via PC
  • 3x UART
  • 1x Ethernet: TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP


  • 4 CAN busses (TTL)
  • baud rate up to 1 MBit
  • node number 0..127
  • CANopen Draft Standard DS301 V4, DSP302 V3.0, DS401 V2.1 und DSP405 V2.0
  • 250 transmit/receive PDO (master mode)
    16 transmit/receive PDO (slave mode)
  • dynamic PDO mapping
  • variable PDO identifier
  • emergency
  • node guarding / life guarding / heartbeat / sync
  • client SDO transfer



datasheet hipecsCore evaluation board

CODESYS Library description

example for a system.ini file

ordering information

  article numberarticle nametemperature range
EZ00000.2000.01hipecs CORE100..70°C



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