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The EASY242 is a PLC core module with CODESYS PLC runtime system, integrated CANopen master / slave functionality and visualisation. In addition, a variety of software drivers and libraries for special functions such as serial interfaces, evaluation of encoders, pulse width modulation, positioning of stepper motors, interrupt handling and much more are integrated in the PLC operating system. The multitasking capability of the EASY242 makes it very attractive.

Via the serial interface a visualisation with control panels of the frenzel & berg electronic VISU-Pxxx series is possible. The system is particularly suited for building control systems or applications that require a responsive graphical user interface. The module is pin compatible to the systems EASY235, EASY237 and EASY238, so that a basic hardware can be adapted by replacing the CPU to different demands. The module is the ideal platform to realise your own controls with CODESYS visualisation.

Since the software is fully implemented and tested, the development time for OEMs can be reduced significantly by using our core modules. In combination with our CANopen chips I/O and peripherals can be extended to a complete modular system for implementing customer-specific control solutions.

Of course, we also implement customized versions with special features and libraries.


  • 16 Bit ST10F273 CPU
  • 2 MByte program data
  • 512 kByte RAM and 16 kByte EEPROM data memory
  • 5 Volt supply voltage
  • -40 .. 85°C temperature range
  • dimensions ca. 64x56x16 mm (LxBxH)

digital inputs

  • 24 digital inputs
  • input frequency range up to 1 MHz
  • special functions: 4 encoder/ event counter, 12 interrupts

analog inputs

  • 8 analog voltage inputs 0..5V
  • 10 bit resolution

digital outputs

  • 16 digital outputs (5V) in CMOS logic
  • 1 mA output current
  • special functions: PWM, frequency-/pulse output ond other


  • 2 separated CAN buses according toISO11898
  • baudrate up to 1 Mbit
  • node number 0..127
  • CANopen Draft Standard DS301 V4.0, DSP302 V2.0, DSP405 V2.0, DS401 V2.1
  • PDO event- and inhibit timer
  • PDO-transmission mode event triggered, synchron,
    asynchron, cyclic, anti cyclic, remote frame
  • variable PDO identifier
  • dynamic PDO mapping
  • emergency
  • nodeguarding/lifeguarding/heartbeat


  • serial interfaces: 1x RS232, 3x TTL
  • databus interface: 4x 8bit [64kByte], 1x 16 bit [128kByte]
  • SPI interface for external SPI-EEPROM (other SPI devices on request)




CODESYS library description
example projects for CoDeSys librarys


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DISCONTINUED - Last Time Buy: 30.11.2017

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