CANopen I/O

frenzel + berg electonic currently has 3 product families to CANopen I/O modules. Below you will find highly compact I/O modules with high I/O density, as well as CANopen nodes, which can be combined variable via bus coupler and I/O system components.

frenzel + berg CANopen I/O modules of the hipecs CIO series with compact form factor

The hipecs CIO series offers another very compact IO module series for 24 volt CANopen applications. Different modules can also be mounted into the same but larger housing, making various IO configurations possible.

hipecs CIO modules

frenzel + berg CANopen modules of the CANit series for digital in- and outputs

Compact I/O-modules for CANopen-bus in different types and housing for I/O-extension in CANopen-systems.


frenzel + berg CANopen VarIO modules for variable I/O configurations

The VarIO-series is a modular system for decentral I/O- and interface extension by arranging different modules with the necessary functions. The components are subdivided into the three groups of bus-coupler, I/O-module and housing.



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