CANit - CANopen modules

The frenzel & berg electronic CANit-series supplies an all-purpose CANopen-module-series for 24 volt I/O-Applications. These devices are available in different I/O-configurations. The housing can be chosen from open plastic housing or a closed aluminium housing. Both can be mounted on DIN-rails. For direct mounting into a device the CANits can be ordered without any housing. The Outputs are short circuit and overload protected. The CAN-Bus is galvanically separated from the I/O-section.


frenzel + berg CANit-10 CANopen module with 8 digitale inputs and outputs for controller systems


digital inputs (24V)816
digital outputs (24V)816
continuous output current600 mA600 mA
peak output current1,5 A (max. 1 sec)1,5 A (max. 1 sec)
output short circuit protectionyesyes
indication LED's for I/Oyesyes
supply voltage12..34V DC12..34V DC
temperature range-40..85°C-40..85°C

PCB only,
plastic housing
aluminium housing

PCB only,
plastic housing
aluminium housing