frenzel + berg VISU CB-10 CoDeSys visualization

The displays of the VISU series are complete units with a TFT display, on which a CODESYS programmed visualisation can be displayed. They have a frenzel + berg electronic defined communication protocol standard for serial graphics interface (SGI) and can be operated with a frenzel + berg PLC.

frenzel + berg CB10 Visupanel CoDeSys

The visualisation system is connected to any serial interface of the CODESYS PLC. Thus, a spatial separation of the controller system and the operator panel can be implemented easily.

The VISU series works completely without a PC and has its own graphics processor. Because of the low price the frenzel & berg CB-10 displays can not only be used in machines, it allows the integration of attractive graphical user interfaces in the cost-sensitive areas of mass production.


  • 5.7" TFT  or blue mode
  • 320 x 240 pixel
  • CCFL or LED backlight


  • touchpanel (optional)
  • matrix keyboard 7/19 keys


  • SGI interface via RS232/485


  • 160 x 109 x 26 mm



ordering information

CCFL backlight on request

  article numberarticle name
EZ00000.4050.01VISU-CB10 T L

T: color-TFT
L: LED-backlight

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