The Chip164 is a powerful microcontroller module on a DIP socket. Its small size allows the Chip164 to be incorporated easily into standard DIL40 socket, or into the target hardware. The core of this module is the microcontroller Infineon C164. It is equipped with 128kByte Flash program memory, and 128kByte RAM for data storage. An on-board CAN transceiver allows a direct connection to a CAN-bus according to ISO11898. A version without CAN transceiver for isolated applications is available (see ordering information). The Chip164 can be programmed with the bootstrap loader of the C164 via the serial port in the circuit. The EASY215 is a version that has an integrated PLC operating system (IEC-61131-3 programmable). This chip contains a PLC-CANopen master functionality.


  • microcontroller C164CI-LM
  • 24 MHz internal clock frequency
  • bootstrap loader
  • capture / compare unit
  • watchdog timer
  • power management
  • 8 digital/analog inputs (10bit resolution)
  • 2 digital I/O or CAN I/O
  • 22 digital I/O or ports with special functions
  • 2 kByte controller internal RAM
  • 128 kByte Flash
  • 128 kByte RAM
  • CAN-Bus ISO11898 transceiver 82C251
  • asynchronous serial interface
  • synchronous serial interface
  • operating temperature 0°-70°C (other on request)
  • DIL 40 connector

typical applications

  • PLC, control core or minicomputer
  • interface converter (Rs232 <--> CAN)
  • sensor controller
  • smart CAN node
  • decentral I/O module



ordering information

  Chip with CAN transceiver
article numberarticle nametemperature range
  Chip without CAN transceiver
article numberarticle nametemperature range


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