The M167-EVA is an evaluation board for easy testing of the microcontroller module M167. Many features, including an on-board power supply, various potentiometers, connectors and interface drivers are already implemented on the board. This provides an instant access to the development of your own specific applications. This development board can also be used for the EASY235. For customer-specific enhancements, a large prototype area is provided. A wall power supply is included in this set.


  • on board power supply (wall power supply included)
  • 16 LEDs (Port 2.0 to 2.15)
  • 4 potentiometer (Port 5.0 ... 5.3)
  • RS232-transceiver for COM2 and COM3
  • 4 SUB-D connectors: COM0 ... COM3
  • CAN transceiver for CAN1
  • 2x SUB-D and 2x RJ45 connector for CAN0
  • 1x SUB-D and 1x RJ45 connector for CAN1
  • multi pin connectors for all port pins
  • measurements 152 x 150 x 50mm



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