CANopen CO401-MEM2

frenzel + berg CO401-Mem2 CANopen bus memory module with EEPROM

CO401Mem2 is a memory module with CANopen bus interface. This allows saving parameters or data in a non-volatile memory within CANopen bus applications.
The CO40Mem2 provides  4kByte of EEPROM memory. The memory is organized in two parallel memory banks to guarantee very high redundancy. The memory is represented by multiple objects within the CANopen object dictionary.

The CO401Mem2 integrates the CANopen draft standard DS401 (simple I/O device). The module already has the CAN transceiver (82C251) on board, so only few external components are required.


  • CPU CO401Mem2
  • operating voltage 5V
  • temperature range -40 .. +85°C
  • dimensions 62 x 44,5 x 40,5 mm


  • type EEPROM
  • size 4kByte


  • CAN Bus according to ISO11898
  • node number 1 .. 127
  • CANopen Draft Standard DS301 V4.0 / DS401 V2.0
  • CANopen diagnosis LEDs (output for LEDs)
  • PDOs receive/transmit 8/4
  • SDOs server/client 1/0
  • PDO-event timer
  • PDO-inhibit timer
  • PDO-transmission mode event triggered, synchron,
    asynchron, cyclic, anti cyclic, remote frame
  • variable PDO identifier
  • dynamic PDO mapping
  • emergency
  • nodeguarding/lifeguarding/heartbeat
  • object dictionary/configuration storable
  • minimum boot up
  • EDS-file





ordering information

  article numberarticle nametemperature range
EZ00000.2062.02CO401Mem02-BD-40 .. 85°C



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