CANopen I/O-Controller

The frenzel & berg electronic CANopen I/O controller provide all functions necessary for a single CANopen on chip used for I/O extension. The all new CO4017A controller now supports up to 8 PWM channels.




frenzel + berg CO4017A CANopen IO Controller Chip with digital IO and PWM in a QFP64 housing

digital inputsmax. 20 of 32 I/Omax. 32 of 32 I/O8
digital outputsmax. 20 of 32 I/Omax. 32 of 32 I/O8
analog inputsmax. 8 of 32 I/O max. 8 of 32 I/Omax. 8 of 32 I/O
analog outputsnonono
PWMnonomax. 8 of 32 I/O