CANopen Joystick Module JoBo02

frenzel + berg JoBo02 CANopen Joystick Controller Board

The JoBo2.0A is a CANopen I/O unit especially designed for joystick applications. It provides input channels for 6 analog axes that may be realized with potentiometers or hall sensor ICs. The analog axes can be programmed to various operation modes such as standard axes with dead band in zero position, sliders or standard analog input. All analog input channels may be calibrated to adapt the JoBo2.0A to a costumer hardware. Additionally the JoBo2.0A provides up to 12 digital inputs for push buttons, switches etc. 4 channels may be used to connect LEDs. A series resistor of 390 Ohms is already integrated on board.
The CAN interface comes without galvanic isolation. CANopen is available according to DS301 and DS401. All usual baud rates up to 1 Mbit/s are supported. The node ID and CAN baud rate may be set with DIP switches or may be set using the CAN interface.


  • 6 analog input lines
  • 12 digital input lines
  • 4 LED output channels
  • Supply voltage 24 V DC
  • Operating temperature -40 .. 70°C
  • Dimension approx. (LxBxH) mm 44 x 44 x 10


  • CAN-Baudraten bis 1Mbit/s
  • Knotennummer einstellbar 1 .. 63
  • CAN-Bus ISO11898 mit Transceiver TJA1050
  • 4 Transmit- und 4 Receive-PDOs
  • Dynamisches PDO Mapping
  • Variable PDO Identifier
  • CANopen PDO Übertragungsmodi: synchron, asynchron, ereignisgesteuert, zyklisch, azyklisch und RTR
  • Event Timer und Inhibit Timer für alle Transmit-PDOs
  • Node-Guarding, Lifeguarding und Heartbeat
  • Emergency Nachrichten
  • Node-Guarding, Lifeguarding und Heartbeat
  • Minimum Boot-Up






  Order number Part Temperature range
EZ00000.2082.01 JoBo2.0A-JST -40 .. +70°C
EZ00000.2083.01 JoBo2.0A-MMF -40 .. +70°C




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