CANopen Chip CO4017A

frenzel + berg CO4017 CANopen Single Chip IO Controller with PWM Function

The frenzel & berg electronic CO4017-E/A-Chips provide all necessary functions for a CANopen-device. The software-implementation of the CANopen-protocol is already done and tested so an additional programming of the device is not needed. The setup for node-number, baudrate and device configuration is done by external resistors. New to the CO4017A is that this new controller now supports up to 8 PWM-outputs with a PWM base frequency of 24 kHz with programmable prescaler.



  • CPU 16 Bit
  • supply voltage 3.3V / 5V DC
  • temperature range -40 .. +105°C
  • housing QFP64

in-/ outputs digital / analog

  • in-/ outputs 32 max.
  • filters for digital inputs configurable
  • inputs digital 5V (max.) 16 of 32
  • outputs digital 5V (max.) 16 of 32
  • inputs analog 0 .. +5V (max.) 8 of 32
  • PWM-outputs 8 of 32


  • output watchdog
  • output overload monitoring


  • CAN-Bus V2.0b
  • CAN-baudrates up to 1Mbit
  • nodenumber 1 .. 127
  • CANopen draft standard DS301 V4.0 / DS401 V2.0
  • CANopen diagnosis LEDs (LED outputs)
  • PDOs receive/transmit 4/4
  • SDOs server/client 1/0
  • PDO-event timer
  • PDO-inhibit timer
  • PDO-transmission mode event triggered, synchron,
    asynchron, cyclic, anti cyclic, remote frame
  • variable PDO-identifier
  • dynamic PDO-mapping
  • emergency
  • nodeguarding/lifeguarding/heartbeat
  • minimum boot up
  • EDS-file



ordering information

  article numberarticle name
EZ00000.2017.01CO4017AE-BD (BD-Board) -40..105°C
EZ00000.2007.01CO4017A-BD (BD-Board)



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