CANopen CO411x-BD Board

The CO411x-BD is a small plug-in module based on the CO411xA-FL single-chip controller and includes all functions for remote I/O components. The module has a CAN transceiver and can run on the CAN bus without any additional components. A significant innovation compared to the previous models is that the CO411x chip has modes compatible with the CANopen single chips CO4011B and CO4017A. This means that these modules can also be used as a pin-compatible replacement module for CO4011B-BD and CO4017-BD.


  • CPU 32 Bit
  • supply voltage 5V DC
  • temperature range -40 .. +85°C
  • housing QFP64

in-/ outputs digital / analog

  • in-/ outputs 32 max.
  • filters for digital inputs configurable
  • inputs digital 5V (max.) 16 of 32
  • outputs digital 5V (max.) 16 of 32
  • inputs analog 0 .. +5V (max.) 8 of 32
  • PWM-outputs 8 of 32


  • output watchdog
  • output overload monitoring


  • CAN-Bus V2.0b
  • CAN-baudrates up to 1Mbit
  • nodenumber 1 .. 127
  • CANopen draft standard DS301 V4.0 / DS401 V2.0
  • CANopen diagnosis LEDs (LED outputs)
  • PDOs receive/transmit 1/2
  • SDOs server/client 1/0
  • PDO-event timer
  • PDO-inhibit timer
  • PDO-transmission mode event triggered, synchron,
    asynchron, cyclic, anti cyclic, remote frame
  • variable PDO-identifier
  • dynamic PDO-mapping
  • emergency
  • nodeguarding/lifeguarding/heartbeat
  • minimum boot up
  • EDS-file


Datasheet Controller

Datasheet CO4011B-BD

Datasheet CO4017A-BD

EDS-File (CO4011B-Mode)

EDS-File (CO4017-Mode)


ordering information

  article numberarticle name
EZ00000.2092.00CO411xA-BD / CO4011-Mode (BD-Board) -40..105°C
EZ00000.2094.00CO411xA-BD / CO4017-Mode (BD-Board) -40..105°C



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